Beverage distributors have a significant impact on Maine’s economy in various ways:

Job Creation: MBDA distributors employ more than 1,250 local citizens in various roles, including CDL drivers, warehouse staff, sales representatives, inventory specialists, graphic designers, and administrative personnel. This job creation contributes to lower unemployment rates and increased income in the community.

Economic Output: MBDA distributors generate more than $396 million in economic output through their operations, which includes purchasing goods and services locally. This, in turn, supports other local businesses and stimulates economic growth.

Tax Revenue: Beverage distributors pay taxes, including excise, sales, and property taxes, which contribute to local government revenues. These funds can be used to support community services and infrastructure development.

Supporting Retailers: Distributors supply beverages to more than 4,400 local licensed retailers, such as grocery stores, restaurants, and convenience stores, enabling these businesses to meet the needs of their customers and drive their economic success.

Promoting Local Brands: Distributors work with regional and local beverage producers, helping these smaller businesses gain access to a wider market and encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation.

Community Involvement: Distributors engage in community involvement and support local charities, events, and initiatives, further contributing to the well-being of the community.

Transportation and Logistics: Distributors often invest in their own transportation and logistics infrastructure, which can create jobs and contribute to the efficiency of local supply chains.

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