MBDA’s distributors, licensed by both the federal and state governments, work with manufacturers to deliver beverages to the shelves of your favorite store, local restaurant, or neighborhood bar through a safe, transparent, and accountable system.

Their role is to introduce new brands to the market, ensuring that consumers have a vast selection of beverages to choose from. Thousands of labels of beverages are available to Maine consumers today with more brands being introduced every year.

Each beverage distribution facility operates as an independent, local business that services every corner of the state. Most distributors’ businesses span generations back to the Prohibition era, providing more than 1,250 jobs with good benefits to people who live in their communities.

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Independent distributors do more than buy, store, sell, and deliver beverages. They also are small business owners, civic leaders, parents, and philanthropists who are active in their communities. They play a vital role in keeping the communities where they live and work safe by sponsoring a wide array of programs to promote responsible consumption, combat drunk driving, and reduce underage drinking. They also are vital to the success of the state’s Bottle Bill, Maine’s beverage redemption container program, by ensuring empty beverage containers are collected from redemption centers and delivered to a redemption processing facility.