three-tier system photo

Maine’s independent beverage distributors are a critical link in a three-tier system.

Distributors are regulated by the state and provide a tremendous variety of beverage brands and styles to licensed retailers at a great value while protecting the public. The three-tier system is made up of suppliers/manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

Consumer Choice

Unlike many consumer goods with vertically integrated supply chains, alcohol beverage diversity in Maine has never been greater. The Three-Tier System ensures consumers have a variety of choices, from the largest international brands to the smallest local beer, wine, and cider, and everything in between, all on the same store shelf, menu, and bar tap.

Regulatory Accountability and Consumer Protection

The Three-Tier System maintains a chain of custody from producer or importer to independent distributor to a licensed retailer. This system ensures product integrity and helps prevent minors from obtaining alcoholic beverages. This time-tested, transparent, and accountable regulatory system helps ensure compliance with and implementation of local laws and the collection of revenue.